Alpha Mare: Embrace the grace of powerOnce you complete this four-part e-course – designed just for women – you’ll feel more confident, more competent, and trust yourself more.

(Or you’ll get your money back!)

I just had a phone call from a woman I know and admire.  She’s incredibly smart, likeable, and competent.  Yet she told me she’s doubting every move she makes and questioning her own abilities.

Through the demands of business and too much “corporate craziness” she’s lost her confidence.  “I’ve been so busy trying to be what everyone else expected, I don’t know who I am or what I want any more.”

A singular story?  Not at all. 

I work just with women.  And over the years, I’ve discovered that many successful women still feel like impostors inside.  This nagging feeling holds them back in ways they can’t see.

Many women with expert “business knowledge” still can’t fully apply what they know to real life situations.  The stress and expectations of business and personal circumstances can drain our energy and confidence.

There’s more to creating a happy, successful, rewarding life than knowing the right business skills.

It’s not just about what you know.  It’s about finding your grounded center.

Are you surprised to learn that lots of talented women struggle with self-doubt and guilt?

I’m not. 

As women, we’re sometimes fearful we’ll be labeled as demanding or hard to please (or worse!).  We often avoid any behavior we believe might risk others thinking that we’re arrogant, bossy or superior.

We want to be liked. Of course!  But sometimes that desire to be liked causes us to hold back in dozens of small, subtle ways.

As women we want to be seen as understanding, compassionate and fair.

Powerful?  Don’t go there.

Fearful of stereotypes and perceptions, even the strongest women sometimes perceive power as negative.

We struggle with expressing expectations, setting limits and self-care.  We stay silent when we need to speak up.  We often feel hesitant to embrace power.

The result?

 We may give away our legitimate power in ways we can’t even see.

Yet I often hear women speak about being empowered. I believe we already have power. We just give it away or avoid it, because in some ways we perceive power as negative.

When we embrace our power and use it for the greater good, we are happier and more fulfilled.

We don’t lose our femininity when we embrace our power.

Once you discover the small, subtle ways you give away power, you step into your strength and become your best self.

You gain clarity on your unique purpose and become more authentic.  (And happier!)  You become more confident and able to pursue your dreams.

Would you like to move past self-doubt and hesitation?  Would you like to live a more meaningful, more fulfilling life?  Would you like to achieve your OWN version of success?

The secret is in learning to live a powerful life.

After years of seeing women hesitate, feel uncertain, play small, and miss opportunities, I developed a solution that strengthens women from the inside out.

It’s a four-session e-course (90 minutes per session)

The Alpha Mare: Embrace the Grace of Power


In this course you will learn:

  • To identify the small, subtle ways you “leave the table” — giving away your power instead of embracing it
  • To get clear on your boundaries, limits and expectations
  • To discover and rewrite the stories keeping you stuck
  • To identify your unique purpose and the passion that motivates and sustains you
  • To define your personal mission statement — your guiding compass
  • To uncover your best, most authentic self
  • To identify and overcome the fears that cause you to hold back or play small
  • To create the life you really want
  • To embrace your full potential
  • To embrace the grace of your authentic feminine power and become a powerful force of goodness in the world.

In The Alpha Mare, you’ll learn skills that will last you a lifetime.

Finding strength and purpose is a powerful turning point.  It starts with simple “aha’s” and grows into feeling self-assured, authentic and wise. Not just occasionally — most of the time.

Are you ready to invest in strengthening yourself?

If so, just say “yes” and you’ll get instant access to your four sessions, plus your personal 37-page interactive workbook. 

The beauty of an e-course is that you can work at your own pace, on your own schedule, at your convenience.  And the lessons are yours for life!  Revisit the sessions as often as you want.

I hope you’ll invest in your own personal growth and take steps to create a life that’s YOUR version of success!

All that for just $299!  Think of that investment like this:  picture yourself dressed for a typical day at work.  Now add up what you spent on your clothes, your shoes, your purse, your makeup and your hair.  That’s what you invested on the OUTSIDE of yourself.  Isn’t it just as important to invest in the INSIDE of yourself?

I think so!

yes i want to invest in myself

Hear what other have to say…

Comments from happy clients

“It was like getting a giant shot of B12 and Prozac all in one, but with much longer lasting effects!”  ~ Cara Barnes

“After the Alpha Mare workshop, I know I’ll be more confident in my abilities.”  ~ Tracy Senat, Marketing Director, Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality

“This helped me move past “stuck” & keep progressing in positive mindset.” ~ Julie Coffee, Owner, High Impact Management

“The questions really caused me to drill down & connect to my deepest feelings.” ~ Sue Loftis, Owner, Home Instead Senior Care

Need more information?  Here’s the Course Outline

Session One: Perceptions of Power

  • Explore your personal perceptions of power as a woman
  • Discover how your perceptions of power hold you back
  • Learn a new definition of power
  • Notice what giving away or avoiding power costs you
  • Meet the Alpha Mare as a metaphor for power
  • Learn how being powerful allows you to live from your deepest, authentic center
  • Prepare to live out your full potential

Session Two: Taking Responsibility

  • Learn how women give away, avoid or abdicate power
  • Assure you are not taking a victim role
  • Examine your most common ways of giving way power
  • Clarify your boundaries, limits and expectations
  • Uncover the fears that may be holding you back
  • Discover the benefits of embracing power
  • Define how to be a force of change in ways that are meaningful to you

Session Three: Going Deep

  • Tap into your self-awareness as the key to embracing the grace of power
  • Understand shadow and projection
  • Rewrite the stories that keep you stuck
  • Discover how integrating your shadows, projections and stories allow you to live in a positive powerful way

Session Four: Finding Your Purpose, Passion & Power

  • Discover a life that reflects your convictions
  • Find clues from childhood about your passion & potential
  • Define your unique purpose
  • Build your personal mission statement
  • Embrace the grace of passion, purpose and power to live out your full potential

yes i want to invest in myself

100% of previous Alpha Mare participants recommend it to others!

“Initially, I thought that your material would not resonate with me because I am not horse women. I was wrong in every way. You remarks made me think deeply. It is not often that busy women are called to be reflective. This was wonderful!”  ~ Danné Johnson, Professor of Law

“This was the best gift I’ve given myself. Anything you do, I’m there!”  ~ Kathleen Funston, Personal Peak Life Coaching

yes i want to invest in myself

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