Surprising News About Leadership Skills


That was my reaction to the survey results in a new book about leadership qualities.[i]  As soon as I read the first chapter, I knew I had to share this with you: 

“Sixty-six percent of the people surveyed believe the world would be a better place if men thought more like women.” 

Now, we women have known this for a long time, right?  We just didn’t have proof.

We do now.

This rigorous survey revealed that sixty-six percent of all people across the planet believe what the world needs most right now is feminine leadership. [ii]

Why does it matter?

Since self-doubt undermines so many women’s confidence, I hope you take this a huge validation.  Now you know the entire world is hungry for what women can — and want — to contribute as leaders. 

Here’s how to capitalize on ten of your natural feminine traits, that will become the gold standard for the future…

Look at this list of ten feminine leadership qualities.  Choose just one and really explore how you can make the most of it, to achieve your full potential.  

1)      Empathy:  Do you understand how others feel, even if you don’t feel the same way?  When you empathize with customers, you have incredible insight into their needs and how to meet them.  When you empathize with employees, you gain their respect.  They know you care.

 2)      Flexibility:  In today’s changing world, being flexible allows you to transition to meet market shifts or be willing to try new things.

 3)      Patience: Answers and results don’t always come quickly (I hate that!).  Patience includes taking the time to listen, learn, to build consensus so that decisions turn into action.

 4)      Expressive:  Use your natural communication skills to connect.  When you are open, honest, candid, and receptive you built trust.

5)      Trustworthy:   Establish your personal track record showing your strength of character.  Your loyalty and reliability will inspire confidence in others.

6)      Intuitive:  Plenty of women have a sixth sense about people, situations, and solutions.  The problem is, we don’t always listen to our own intuition.  Now is the time to trust that internal voice.

7)      Collaborative:  It’s not a winner-take-all world anymore, which is great for women, because we didn’t like that style in the first place.  Be inclusive.  Involve employees in planning and decision-making.  Get input from customers.  Look for opportunities to collaborate with business contacts, like co-sponsoring an educational event.

8)      Passionate:  Passion is contagious (just think about how people’s passion for iPhones turned them into top sellers almost overnight).  Don’t be shy about sharing your passion for your product, your service, your cause with others.

9)      Selfless:  Be careful with this one…being selfless doesn’t mean having no boundaries or becoming a doormat.  It means being cause focused.  It means being humble and sharing the credit.

10)  Planning  for the future:  You don’t have to be a futurist with a crystal ball to be a long-term thinker.  You do need to evaluate all angles of a situation and think through the consequences of decisions and actions.

Used together, these top ten feminine leadership traits can help you resolve conflicts, maximize profits and redefine success.   

So take this study’s endorsement of natural feminine qualities, embrace it, wallow in it.  Let it help you gain confidence in yourself, banish self-doubt and trust yourself more.

I’d love to hear your examples of how you live out these feminine qualities in your business.

Take care,

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[i] The Athena Doctrine: How Women (and the Men Who Think Like Them) Will Rule the Future, the new book by John Gerzema and Michael D’Antonio (authors of Spend Shift).
[ii] The authors surveyed 64,000 people in thirteen countries, representing 65% of the world’s gross domestic product (that alone was no small feat!). They asked half of their global sample to classify 125 different human behavioral traits as masculine, feminine or neither.  Next, they asked the other half to rate the importance of the traits to certain virtues, like leadership, success, morality and happiness. From this data they could clearly see that across age, gender and culture, people around the globe feel that feminine traits correlate more strongly with making the world a better place.

2 thoughts on “Surprising News About Leadership Skills

  1. Anne-Marie Kantengwa

    Dear Darcie, Thank you very as usual to let us brainstorming on very interesting subjects which are very important women leaders and especially for business women helping them to increase self confidence and should help to banish self doubt and self low esteem due to different aspects of recurrent constraints. I really agree in some way with the survey showing that more than sixty percent think that women should contribute to make world a better place. We have a visible experience in our country: Rwanda coming from his aches, destruction and desolation, the key factor of the change and the positive impact on economic growth are without doubt due to women involvement in the reconstruction, not only in public sector but also in private sector. Now, on the Top Ten leadership qualities, it is really very difficult for me to choose on of them! I hesitate between ” Collaborative, Passionate, Intuitive, Empathy…” I cant choose, because i need to experience each of them! As you concluded: Let the Ten Top leadership traits help to gain more Self-confidence, banish our Self-doubt and help to Trust more inOurself…

    Thank you again and warm regards.

    Anne-Marie Kantengwa

    1. Darcie Harris Post author

      My dear Anne-Marie, I am so glad you wrote specifically about Rwanda, because your country was on my mind when I read this study and when I wrote this post. It is the women who rebuilt Rwanda! The women of Rwanda are incredibly great role models for women around the world. YOU personally are a wonderful role model! On a personal note, I have just begun to read your sister’s book and look forward learning more about your family through her memories. Thank you for your heartfelt reflections. Take care, d


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