Women Entrepreneurs – Become a Marketing Superstar!

Create a Marketing Plan Guaranteed to Increase Sales

Tell me…does any of this sound familiar?Marketing Superstar

  • Your marketing effort have been…uh…hit-and-miss
  • Your an expert in your own industry.  Marketing?  Maybe not so much…
  • You know without a doubt your product or service is fantastic, but not enough people know about it
  • You haven’t had time to be strategic about marketing (and don’t know where to begin!)
  • You feel like you’re spending a fortune on marketing, but you’re not sure it’s increasing your sales
  • And if I asked you, “What’s your marketing budget?” you’d tell me, “Whatever is left in the bank account after I’ve paid all the other bills.” 

Yeah, I’ve heard all that and more.  I’m not worried. (I’ve worked with women entrepreneurs for a long time.)

So maybe you don’t have a marketing degree.  Maybe you don’t really enjoy marketing (it’s okay, I won’t tell anyone!). 

You can quit beating yourself up. 

The reality is, you know your customers better than anyone else. That’s what really matters.

You just need a plan.  An organized, rational, well-designed marketing plan.

I’d love to help you learn how to make smarter marketing decisions that increase your sales. 

  • This 45-minute e-course includes step-by step instructions
  • PLUS, it comes with an amazing 12-page Marketing Plan Template (that saves you hours of research and time!).

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn in this e-course

  • How to focus on your most likely customers — your target market
  • How to define your customers deepest needs, fears, pains, joys and successes
  • How to use that understanding to choose the most effective methods to be visible to your target market.
  • How to define your one-sentence Brand Position
  • How to define your competitors’ advantages and disadvantages so you can stand out from the field
  • How to make better marketing decisions, including where to best spend your marketing time and money

Your final result will be a focused marketing plan that will help you generate leads and increase sales.

  • Your 45 minute e-course can be viewed over and over — as many times as you like — on your schedule.
  • The customizable template is yours to keep — the value lasts year after year. 

Ask yourself this:  how much could your revenues increase if you achieved even just a 10% improvement in your marketing results?

Then compare that with the cost of this e-course:  $149.  And the beauty of an e-course is that it’s yours for life!  View it over and over, as your business grows and your needs change.  Download a fresh template any time you want to update your marketing plan.

Just say, “Yes, I’m in!”

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Once your order is complete, you’ll get instant access to your e-course.  You’ll receive the link and your password immediately.

Start today — improve your marketing results with a comprehensive, organized marketing plan.

P.S.  Here’s my promise to you.  With all my training, I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  No questions, no hassles, no hurt feelings.