Journey to Rwanda…almost

It’s 7:00 pm in Johannesburg and I’m sitting in the BidAir Airport Lounge.  This is the precise time my plane was supposed to land in Kigali.  Clearly that didn’t happen.

Whether it was due to the weather delay (as I was originally told) or mechanical problems (as I was subsequently told), the end is still the same.  I got rerouted and am taking a detour via the end of the earth on my way to Kigali.

I thought I was going one place and ended up in another.  

I’m guessing that has happened to you, and not just related to airline travel.

You had plans.  You had dreams.  You had it all worked out.  Then the universe didn’t cooperate.

It’s in these moments, these unexpected detours, that we discover — or decide — who we are.

There is a time for unambiguous pursuit of our plans and dreams.  There is a time for resilience, strength, sheer force of will. We give it all we’ve got.

Yet there is also a time to recognize the inevitability of things beyond our control.  There is a time to see the gift in the detour.

Life is very much about how we handle these obstacles, these detours.

I think it’s very much about the willingness to speak up and say what you want — and that first, lonely step is saying it to yourself — and the ability to accept what’s beyond your control.

Thats the situation i found myself on my journey to Kigali.  Finding that delicate balance of pursuing the original plan — asking, questioning, pressing, even insisting that the airlines try harder — yet in the end, having to accept that I was not going to get my way, and recognizing that pressing further would only cost me my own internal peace..

That’s when you decide to simply make the most of the detour, which is what I’m doing right now in this lovely lounge in Johannesburg.

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