Focused. Fearless. Female.

You don’t have to be a horse lover to love this news…

For the first time in history, the jockey with the best record in America today just happens to be a woman.  In a fiercely competitive sport dominated by men, Rosie Naprovnik has a shot at one of the most coveted accomplishments in sports: winning the Kentucky Derby.

The takeaway?  The three qualities that took Rosie to the top of her profession could take you to your personal best too.

She’s clear about her passion — racing horses. She feels most authentic on the back of a horse.

Oh, and she’s fearless.  Despite numerous falls and broken bones, she is focused on being her best.

Passion, authenticity and fearlessness…three essential ingredients to a life of happiness and success. 

And you can tap into all three in our signature webinar series, The Alpha Mare: Embrace the Grace of Power.

From the comfort of the chair you choose (which may not be a saddle), in four online sessions, you can discover the answers to these questions:

  • What is your passion? 
  • When are you your most authentic self? 
  • What fears are limiting you?
  • What stories are holding you back?

Check it out today — sessions begin Friday, May 3rd.

I love helping women put together what’s in their heads with what’s their hearts.  Hope you’ll join us!

Take care, d

P.S.  A bonus lesson from Rosie — It’s okay to be competitive!  Just compete fairly.

2 thoughts on “Focused. Fearless. Female.

  1. Anne-Marie Kantengwa

    Thank you Darcie for sharing with us how Rosie achieved when she decided to become a jockey and to win the competition, in this sport generally dominated by men. I think that in the hard struggle to see more women overcome from fears, personal constraints and achieve, we should be proud for each step in women history. Warm congratulations to Rosie. Best regards. Anne-Marie

    1. Darcie Harris Post author

      Yes, Rosie is a great model for all of us, even those who don’t ride horses! Focused and fearless…we can all learn from that. Take care, d


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